Along with technical progress, the military defense industry is developing very actively in the modern world. Often, progress brings not only creation but, unfortunately, inevitable destruction. One of the essential tasks of the state is to provide police officers with modern means for defense and intelligence. Night vision devices are used for operational activities at night. These technical devices allow operatives to patrol territories at night and work in closed, unlit rooms.

      How night vision technology works

      Night vision devices help in the police service. Although there is a reasonably large selection of such equipment, you need to consider the technical characteristics of a particular device. It should be clearly defined which tasks will be set when using this equipment and in what conditions it will be used. In any case, it should be borne in mind that working in the dark and working in absolute darkness is not the same thing. Night vision devices differ in how they work. Some devices accumulate light from any light source and amplify it many times over. Such devices cannot work in absolute darkness. For classic night vision devices, illumination is often used. As a rule, these are infrared LEDs. There is a variant of laser LEDs, but their price is unreasonably high and harmful to the eyes. The main disadvantage of using backlighting is that the enemy can see a law enforcement officer. Therefore, it is essential to consider the advisability of using this equipment option.        Night vision devices with a fundamentally different principle of operation – thermal imagers – work based on using infrared radiation. The advantage of thermal imagers is the fact that they can work successfully in complete darkness. And also, the quality of their work is not affected by weather conditions.

     Seeing without being seen

     Depending on the operational task, different types of night vision devices are used. Since backlighting in the dark can do a disservice to police officers and declassify them, in such cases, it is more expedient to use thermal imagers. The principle of operation of the device is as follows: all objects in the environment have a specific temperature. The thermal imager reads the temperature difference from various entities, and due to this contrast, a picture is built on the screen. As a rule, the image on the screen is green. The reason for this particular image is simple: the human eye can distinguish more shades of green, so the idea is perceived more clearly. Also, green is less stressful for the eyes.

     The use of night vision devices allows police officers to carry out their duty at night more efficiently. As superheroes with the superpower, the cops become the kings of the night. This is a very effective practice. Everything that criminals want to hide under the cover of the night will be noticed, and many crimes will be prevented in this way. What is very important in special operations, police officers can act without being seen by intruders. (provided that the enemy is not equipped with equivalent technical devices). But if we are talking about the work of police officers who deal with criminals (those in turn, fortunately, aren’t equipped as super agents). In this case, the police have a huge advantage – the ability to see in the dark. This fact allows arrests to be carried out suddenly and successfully. The surprise effect also protects the employees of policy against stiff resistance of criminals. The surprise effect also protects police officers against tough opposition from criminals.

        Discreet communication capabilities

     Modern night vision devices are equipped with modern means of storing and transmitting the information. Videos and images are saved on a flashcard. If the device supports the Wi-Fi function or infrared port, then information transfer is possible in real-time. The use of backlighting also facilitates communication in some cases. For example, you can use a laser beam as a pointer. But there is a drawback in this option – the offender can also notice it. Also, law enforcement officers, thanks to technical equipment, can see each other and, accordingly, give conventional signs in the dark, but the criminals will not be able to see them. These nuances depend on the tasks and methods of the special operation.

     Own the Night

     In addition to increasing productivity, the use of night vision goggles greatly enhances employee safety. The use of night vision devices in the work of police officers makes it possible to conduct operational-search activities effectively at any time of the day. Also, using such equipment allows you to maintain communication imperceptibly and in silence (without using walkie-talkie or mobile phones). This possibility also has a positive effect on the disguise of employees.

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